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Shakers Pack

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Hot swap your groove.

Get over 200 shaker loops of varied styles, timbres, and tempos. This huge collection offers the perfect way to add energy, life, & rhythm to your production.

The download includes the associated .asd files for each loop, so if you're using Ableton Live they are ready to load in, sync'd to tempo & set to loop. Adding a brand new groove & sound to your beat is as easy as dragging these files into your set.

Four packs in one.

The main content of the pack consists of 51 brand new shaker loops recorded at 13 tempos on a variety of microphones including a matched pair of Neumann KM184’s, the Neumann TLM 102, the Neumann KMS105, and the Sennheiser MD421. These loops have loose swing and a variety of layered sounds.

In addition, the pack contains 54 Supplemental Shaker Loops that complement the humanized core loops with programmatically perfect sampled shaker sounds at the same tempos and swing as the main samples.

You’ll also get the original Egg Shaker Loops: 100 shaker loops exquisitely recorded by the venerable Neumann U89 large-diaphragm condenser in an acoustically treated studio. The lossless .wav files are organized by tempo - 80bpm, 100bpm, & 120bpm - & are further grouped into layered & raw folders.

And, for the first time, the HD Shakers pack, previously available exclusively to our patrons. These samples embrace imperfection and use more “found sounds” that melt into the overall rhythm of your track.

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446.9 MB
51 Loops
Supplemental Shakers
54 Loops
Legacy - Egg Shaker Loops
100 Loops
Legacy - HD Shakers
70 Loops
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Shakers Pack

18 ratings
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